Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Library Thing

I used this site today. It was the most interesting one I have encountered in this series of assignments.

I have a new computer program that stores books onto my databank. Sometimes I need to see a review of a book that I am thinking of purchasing. This looks like a good place to go.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

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I spent time with the RSS assignment. These looked interesting to me. It took a long time to do this Week 4 assignment. I am not technology saey.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


We just bought a digital camera. We are looking at a photo printer. We found we were never getting around to printing anything. we alsmost said forget it and go back to the one use types. I think the printer will be what will encourage my husband and I to think of the camera as a tool rather than the thing that sits in that little box on the shelf in the computer room.

Second chance

This is my second attempt at a blog. I cannot figure out how to get into what I have already listed the last time I did this.


I find the blog hard to edit. I spent 25 minutes trying to get it to let me be the boss. As with most of technology I am at the mercy of the computer. I am so looking forward to having one where I talk into some part of the machine and it does what I say.

I spent time today looking at the next session. I am not ready to post any pictures on my site. I do have a wbsite I use for school. I have a picture of me there. I never change it so new students think I look so young for an old teacher.